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  • RG 1735/2: Efficient Nonparametric Regression When the Support Is Bounded (SP 03)

    Reiß, Markus, Prof. Dr. (Mathematical Statistics)

    Duration of Project: 07/2015 - 06/2019

    Financer: DFG: Forschergruppen

    If in nonparametric regression the support of the error distribution has a sharp boundary, then the regression function and functionals thereof can be estimated with a higher rate of convergence than in regular models. We will first examine the geome ...

  • RG 2177/1: Inline Characterization of Reactions in Microfluidic Systems Using SERS (SP 03)

    Kneipp, Janina, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. (Physical Chemistry)

    Duration of Project: 10/2015 - 03/2020

    Financer: DFG: Forschergruppen

    The application of SERS in microfluidic structures enables the sensitive detection of reacting species. Therefore it is, in principle, possible to monitor chemical reactions in situ. Apart from the identification and quantification of reactants, SERS ...

  • RG 2402/1: Rough Path Theory and Random Dynamic Systems (SP 04)

    Imkeller, Peter, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. (Applied Theory of Probability)

    Duration of Project: 02/2016 - 01/2019

    Financer: DFG: Forschergruppen

    Rough paths theory and its extensions allow to analyse the solution to stochastic (partial) differential equations (S(P)DE) which could not be solved up to now. We will study the long time behaviour of these solutions. The theory of random dynamical ...

  • RG 2402/1: Singular SPDEs: Approximation and Statistical Properties (SP 05)

    Perkowski, Nicolas, Prof. Dr. (Stochastic Analysis)

    Duration of Project: 10/2016 - 09/2019

    Financer: DFG: Forschergruppen

    The powerful and novel theories of regularity structures and paracontrolled distributions have so far been used mostly for deriving existence, uniqueness and regularity results for singular stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs). We feel t ...

  • RG 2402/2: Foundation of Regularity Structures(SP 02)

    Perkowski, Nicolas, Prof. Dr. (Stochastic Analysis)

    Duration of Project: 10/2019 - 09/2022

    Financer: DFG: Forschergruppen

    We explore new approaches to renormalization, the scope of non-local operators in Hairer’s theory of regularity structures, as well as the role of Malliavin calculus in (Gaussian) models on suitable regularity structures. Another goal is to explore t ...

  • RG 2402/2: Singular SPDEs – approximation and statistical properties (SP 05)

    Perkowski, Nicolas, Prof. Dr. (Stochastic Analysis)

    Duration of Project: 10/2019 - 09/2022

    Financer: DFG: Forschergruppen

    Our aim is to better understand the dynamic behavior of singular SPDEs. In particular, we will study stochastic interface models like the KPZ equation or wetting models and we will investigate the intermittency properties of the continuous parabolic ...

  • RG 2569/1: Agricultural Land Markets – Efficiency and Regulation (SP 07)

    Lakes, Tobia, Prof. Dr. (Applied GIScience)

    Duration of Project: 10/2017 - 01/2021

    Financer: DFG: Forschergruppen

    Agricultural land markets in Germany have changed substantially in the last decade, with rapidly increasing land sales and land rental prices. As a result, the spatial configuration of agricultural land use has changed, with a trend towards a higher ...

  • RTG 2434: Facets of Complexity

    Schweikardt, Nicole, Prof. Dr. (Theoretical Computer Science)

    Duration of Project: 04/2018 - 09/2022

    Financer: DFG: Graduiertenkollegs - Beteiligungen

    Complexity is a central topic both in mathematics and in computer science. It appears in various forms: there is combinatorial complexity (number) of mathematical structures; description complexity (the possibility of encoding a structure succinctly ...

  • RTG 2575/1: Rethinking Quantum Field Theory

    Plefka, Jan, Prof. Dr. (Theoretical Physics / Quantum Field Theory beyond the Standard Model and String Theory)

    Duration of Project: 04/2020 - 09/2024

    Financer: DFG: Graduiertenkollegs

    Recent findings have revealed that the Standard Model of particle physics – which brings together the current understanding of the physics of elementary particles in a quantum field theory – requires rethinking. Using a broad research approach, the R ...

  • Satellite-based information for grassland management

    Hostert, Patrick, Prof. Dr. (Geomatics)

    Duration of Project: 12/2017 - 02/2021

    Financer: Bundesministerium für Verbraucherschutz, Ernährung und Landwirtschaft

    Permanent grassland accounts for 28% of Germany's agricultural area and thus has a landscape-shaping character. Its main supply service is the production of milk and meat, through the use of grassland as a high-quality basic feed. In addition, grassl ...

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