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  • Welfare State Futures: Our Children's Europe

    Mau, Steffen, Prof. Dr. (Macro Sociology)

    Duration of project: 04/2015 - 10/2018

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    How will European welfare states develop in the future? Which expectations, ideas and aspirations do European citizens have in relation with public welfare provision and social security? In their view, what should be the main emphasis to ensure welfa ...

  • Welcoming Neighbourhoods – Conditions of Social Cohesion in Super-Diverse Communities

    Hamann, Ulrike, Dr. (Georg Simmel Professorship in Comparative Studies on Diversity and Social Conflicts)

    Duration of project: 10/2017 - 03/2021

    Financer: BMBF

    The research project “Welcoming Neighbourhoods – Conditions of Social Cohesion in Super-Diverse Communities” explores the conditions of social cohesion and conflicts in urban neighbourhoods in Germany: What forms of respectful conviviality are presen ...

  • Unequal Recognition? ‘Work’ and ‘Love’ in the Context of Life of Precarious Employees

    Wimbauer, Christine, Prof. Dr. phil. (Sociology of Labour and Gender Studies)

    Duration of project: 03/2015 - 09/2017

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    Over the past several years, precarious work has become a topic of great importance in both scientific and public debates. The existent sociological research on precariousness has focused almost exclusively on individuals and paid work, without takin ...

  • Understanding the Information Seeking Behaviour and Digital Skills of Refugee Migrants during the Job Seeking Process

    Trkulja, Violeta, Dr. (Knowledge Management)

    Duration of project: 03/2018 - 09/2018

    Financer: Sonstige internationale öffentliche Mittelgeber

    The proposed study examines the information seeking behaviour of refugee migrants in Germany while pursuing a job, a training position, or following an educational path on the Internet. Competencies of refugees are positioned on the digital skill sca ...

  • RG 2265/1: Coordination Fund: Research Group Law – Gender – Collectivity: Processes of Standardization, Categorization and Generating Solidarity (SP 0)

    Binder, Beate, Prof. Dr. (Gender Studies and European Ethnology)

    Duration of project: 04/2018 - 08/2021

    Financer: DFG: Forschergruppen
    Coordination of the research group.
    Among the most contentious issues of western democracies are questions about belonging and participation. Law plays a central role here – either as a reference point for the formulation of claims, or as a goal for ...
  • PPP: Europeanisation of Living Conditions

    Nowicka, Magdalena, Prof. Dr. (Head of Department / Secretary)

    Duration of project: 10/2016 - 12/2018

    Financer: DAAD

    Throughout Europe, people's own migration history determines their socio-economic positioning. The positioning, but also the chances of advancement of migrants in Germany are worse than those of Germans without a migration background. Scholars see se ...

  • PP 1646/2: The Role of Immigrants’ First and Second Language Proficiency for Social Integration, Particularly in Education: Analyses of NEPS Data (NEPS-PP II)

    Stanat, Petra, Prof. Dr. (Berlin Institut for empirical Integration and Migration Research)

    Duration of project: 03/2016 - 10/2021

    With the proposed continuation of our interdisciplinary project, we aim at further clarifying the role of immigrants' first and second language proficiency and language use for their social integration, making use of the advanced analytical potential ...

  • Potentials of cooperation with African Initiated Churches for sustainable development

    Gräb, Wilhelm, Prof. Dr. (Applied Theology Specializing in Cybernetics and Poimenics)

    Duration of project: 02/2017 - 02/2020

    Financer: Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung
  • Overlapping Scientific Communities: Internal Structuration and Knowledge Diffusion in International Relations (IR)

    Petras, Vivien, Prof. (Information Retrieval)

    Duration of project: 01/2017 - 12/2019

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    The aim of this project is to ascertain how the social structuration of multiple and overlapping International Relations (IR) communities affects the diffusion of knowledge within and among these communities. In particular, we want to analyze how the ...

  • National Integration Evaluation Mechanism. Measuring and improving integration of beneficiaries of international protection

    Foroutan Mahin, Naika, Prof. Dr. (Integration Research and Social Policy)

    Duration of project: 04/2016 - 04/2016

    Financer: Verbundprojekte (Horizon 2020)

    Forschung und Policy-Netzwerk zu Integrationspolitik und Integration in Deutschland

  • Migration Background: Making and Social Reality of a Scientific Category

    Will, Anne-Kathrin, Dr. (European Ethnology IV)

    Duration of project: 03/2019 - 02/2022

    Financer: DFG: Eigene Stelle (Sachbeihilfe)

    In 2005 seventeen new questions on migration entered the microcensus, the German representative population statistics. With the new questions on migration the so called migration background is generated. Hence the descendants of immigrants became vis ...

  • Migration and Workplace Participation

    Karakayali, Serhat, (Berlin Institut for empirical Integration and Migration Research)

    Duration of project: 11/2017 - 06/2021

    Financer: Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

    This project examines the engagement trajectories of works councils with a migration background. The initial hypothesis is that the structures of workplace democracy have a positive effect on processes of political and social integration. The high le ...

  • Migration and the Transformation of Public Law

    Vetters, Larissa, Dr. (Public Law and Basics of Law)

    Duration of project: 10/2017 - 10/2017

    Financer: Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

    Interdisciplinary workshop.

  • MERGE – Platform Migration in the Middle East

    Foroutan Mahin, Naika, Prof. Dr. (Integration Research and Social Policy)

    Duration of project: 11/2019 - 11/2021

    Financer: Privatpersonen

    Platform for connection and exchange about research and events regarding the topic: Migration in the Middle East

  • JRG/1: Accumulation of Personal Wealth in Couples: Individual Resources and Gender Inequalities in Intimate Relationships

    Lersch, Philipp Martin, Prof. Dr. (Sociology of Social Policy)

    Duration of project: 03/2017 - 06/2023

    Financer: DFG: Nachwuchsgruppe

    This project examines personal wealth of individuals within heterosexual couples. Wealth is an economic resource that provides many advantages that go beyond income. Particularly, personal wealth, which needs to be distinguished from household wealth ...

  • Institutional Implications of the Expansion of the Bioeconomy

    Bokelmann, Wolfgang, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. (Economics of Horticultural Production)

    Duration of project: 02/2017 - 07/2019

    Financer: BMBF

    The project identifies institutional arrangements and legal regulations which contribute to achieving public acceptance of the expansion of land use based bioeconomy. It explores innovative institutional arrangements which ensure agricultural structu ...

  • Inequality, early adult life courses and economic outcomes at mid-life in comparative context

    Fasang, Anette Éva, Prof. Dr. (Microsociology)

    Duration of project: 03/2018 - 09/2021

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    This innovative project adopts a holistic approach to understanding the dynamics of inequality across the life-course. We analyse how education, labor market and family choices interact to structure accumulated advantage and disadvantage over the lif ...

  • Female Employment after Migration (FEM): A Dynamic Approach to Women’s Work and Family Patterns after Migration

    Giesecke, Johannes, Prof. Dr. (Empirical Social Science Research)

    Duration of project: 02/2019 - 03/2022

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    A large body of literature has amassed that investigates the conditions and processes of the labour market integration of migrants. In this context, female migrants have often been viewed as “tied movers” whose migration decision is subordinate to th ...

  • Europeanisation of Living Conditions

    Nowicka, Magdalena, Prof. Dr. (Migration and Transnationalism)

    Duration of project: 06/2016 - 12/2018

    Financer: Sonstige Stiftungen

    In view of the extremely high number of Polish entrepreneurs in Germany, the research project will investigate: 1) Why and under what conditions they decide to become self-employed, 2) What socio-economic status they have and aspire to, and 3) To wha ...

  • Diversity and Adjustability of Peer Review – On the Metastability of Peer Review Formats (DivA)

    Reinhart, Martin, Prof. Dr. (Robert K. Merton Center for Science Studies)

    Duration of project: 11/2020 - 10/2023

    Financer: BMBF

    Science has to rely on review processes in which the quality of scientific work is evaluated. For processes of both internal and external regulation of science, this is usually done by peer review procedures. Although peer review is omnipresent as an ...

  • CrimScapes: Navigating Citizenship Through European Landscapes of Criminalisation

    Binder, Beate, Prof. Dr. (Gender Studies and European Ethnology)

    Duration of project: 11/2020 - 10/2023

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    The CrimScapes project explores the expanding application of criminal law, crime control measures and imaginaries of (il)legality as both responses to, and producers of, the politics of threat and uncertainty that are currently expanding across the E ...

  • CRC 1265/1: The World Down My Street: Resources and Networks Used by City Dwellers (SP C04)

    Blokland, Talja, Prof. Dr. (Urban and Regional Sociology)

    Duration of project: 01/2018 - 12/2021

    The research project examines how increased spatial mobility affects social network relationships and their spatial arrangements, how spaces are constituted in social networks by heterogeneing the relationships with action, and how these spaces can b ...

  • CRC 1265/1: Knowledge and Goods: Consumers’ and Producers’ Spatial Knowledge (SP A03)

    Kulke, Elmar, Prof. Dr. (Economic Geography)

    Duration of project: 01/2018 - 12/2021

    The research project investigates on which specific spatial knowledge consumers (from various social milieus) and producers (actors in the supply chain) act upon when buying and selling fresh vegetables. We ask how actors refer to different spatial a ...

  • Wimbauer, Christine, Prof. Dr. phil. (Sociology of Labour and Gender Studies)

    Duration of project: 04/2019 - 03/2020

    Financer: Volkswagen-Stiftung (VW)

    If two or more persons found a family, who are neither a couple nor in a love relationship, it is called „Co-Parenting“. Yet, it remains an open question how co-parenting affects the (romantic) love complex. To date, a thorough discussion of the miss ...

  • Ambivalent Recognition Order? Doing reproduction and doing family beyond the heterosexual nuclear family

    Peukert, Almut, Dr. (Sociology of Labour and Gender Studies)

    Duration of project: 01/2018 - 12/2018

    Financer: DFG: Eigene Stelle (Sachbeihilfe)

    The buzzword reproduction places questions concerning family formation into the center of (socio)political and scientific attention. Recently, Germany has put hetero- and homosexual relationships more equal by law, but social, institutional and legal ...

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