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  • Yangian Symmetry in Quantum Gauge Field Theory

    Plefka, Jan, Prof. Dr. (Theoretical Physics / Quantum Field Theory beyond the Standard Model and String Theory)

    Duration of Project: 01/2017 - 09/2020

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    Our understanding of nature at its deepest level is governed by symmetries. This proposal aims at studying hidden symmetries in quantum field theory going beyond the established space-time symmetries of the Poincare group and its supersymmetric or co ...

  • Workshop Reliable Methods and Mathematical Modeling

    Carstensen, Carsten, Prof. (Numerical Handling of Differential Equations)

    Duration of Project: 07/2017 - 08/2017

    Financer: Privatpersonen
  • Willow Extracts for Plant Protection

    Ulrichs, Christian, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.; Dr. rer. agr. (Urban Plant Ecophysiology)

    Duration of Project: 04/2017 - 11/2018

    Financer: Sonstige Wirtschaftsunternehmen

    Dieses Projekt legt den Fokus auf die Testung der Eignung von Extrakten aus der Rinde von Sa-lix spp. als Pflanzenstärkungs- bzw. Pflanzenschutzmittel. Das Rindenextrakt der salicylatreichen Spezies Salix daphnoides soll bzgl. seines Abwehrpotentials ...

  • West African Wild Silks Techniques: Preserving Marka-Dafing’s Heritage of Knowledge

    Schäffner, Wolfgang, Prof. Dr. (Cluster of Excellence 'Matters of Activity')

    Duration of Project: 02/2020 - 07/2022

    Financer: Sonstige internationale öffentliche Mittelgeber

    For centuries, indigenous wild silks have been traded across West Africa and used in Marka-Dafing’s textile production in the Mouhoun regions of Western Burkina Faso. Over the past twenty years, the precious materials that are used by women for weavi ...

  • Water Security for Whom? – Social and Material Perspectives on Inequality around Multipurpose Reservoirs in Colombia

    Krüger, Tobias, Prof. Dr. (Junior Research Groups (IRI THESys))

    Duration of Project: 06/2020 - 05/2024

    Financer: Volkswagen-Stiftung (VW)

    Water for Whom investigates in/equalities in water security across the water-energy-food nexus focusing on the case of multipurpose reservoirs in Colombia. Building on the large body of literature on conflicts surrounding the construction of hydropow ...

  • VA: International scientific event: "Symplectic Field Theory VIII", Berlin. August 06-12, 2016

    Mohnke, Klaus, Prof. Dr. (Analysis II)

    Duration of Project: 08/2016 - 08/2016

    Financer: DFG: Sonstiges

    Workshop for PhD students and postdocs

  • Using the Sunlight for Biocyatalysis – Development of Photo-Bioelectrode-Structures for Synthesis Isolation, Stabilization, Modification and Assembly of Photosystems and Its Components in Hybrid-Assemblies for Photo-Biocatalysis

    Zouni, Athina, PD Dr. (Honorary Chairs / Professors by Special Appointment / Part-Time Lecturers)

    Duration of Project: 08/2013 - 10/2017

    Financer: BMBF

    The aim of the Tamdem-project is to develop light-activated electrode devices for biocatalytical purposes. Therefore photosystems or components should be combined with electrodes for an efficient photo-electron transfer. By coupling various enzyme sy ...

  • Usage of Solar Energy for the Bioelectrocatalysis – Photobiohybrid Eletrodes for the Light-Driven Synthesis of Valuable Substances (II, SP B)

    Zouni, Athina, PD Dr. (Honorary Chairs / Professors by Special Appointment / Part-Time Lecturers)

    Duration of Project: 02/2018 - 01/2021

    Financer: BMBF

    The aims of the Tandem-project are light-triggered electrodes for efficient energy conversion. In the frame of the prolonged period of work it is planned to increase the efficiency of photobio-electrodes and also to couple them with enzymatic convers ...

  • URBES – Urban biodiversity and ecosystem services

    Haase, Dagmar, Prof. Dr. (Landscape Ecology and Biogeography)

    Duration of Project: 01/2012 - 12/2014

    Financer: BMBF

    URBES addresses significant scientific knowledge gaps on the role of urban biodiversity and ecosystem services for human well-being. This is of importance for building the ability of European cities to adapt to climate change and reduce their ecologi ...

  • Urban Tipping Points: Understanding Interaction Between Changing Land Use Patterns, Biodiversity and Economic Consequences To Enhance Liveable Cities (UTiP)

    Haase, Dagmar, Prof. Dr. (Landscape Ecology and Biogeography)

    Duration of Project: 06/2017 - 05/2018

    Financer: BMBF

    Urban ecosystems and related ecosystem services (e.g. climate regulation, recreation experiences, habitats for species) and biodiversity provide an important basis for the sustainable development of cities. They are an essential component for human w ...

  • Urban rainwater harvesting from niche to mainstream: challenges and opportunities for planning

    van der Linden, Sebastian, Dr. (Geomatics)

    Duration of Project: 06/2016 - 12/2017

    Financer: Sonstige internationale öffentliche Mittelgeber
  • Urban Climate Under Change [UC]2, second phase

    Schubert, Sebastian, Dr. (Climate Geography)

    Duration of Project: 09/2019 - 08/2022

    Financer: BMBF

    During the second phase of the research programme "Urban Climate Under Change" [UC]2 it is the goal to further develop the new urban climate model PALM-4U (developed in the first phase) into a product that meets the needs of municipalities and other ...

  • Urban Climate in Transition, Module B (Evaluation of Urban Climate Models, 3DO) – SP 02: Urban Mobile Measurement Systems and GIS-Integration (URBMOBI-GIS)

    Schneider, Christoph, Prof. Dr. (Climate Geography)

    Duration of Project: 06/2016 - 12/2019

    Financer: BMBF

    The Research Programme „Urban Climate under Change“ intends to develop an innovative urban climate model that is able to simulate micro-scale atmospheric processes for entire cities like Stuttgart or Berlin using grid spacings that resolve buildings, ...

  • Upgrade of the ATLAS silicon stripe detector for the extension of the HL LHC

    Lacker, Heiko, Prof. Dr. (Experimental Physics / Elementary Particles Physics II)

    Duration of Project: 07/2015 - 12/2018

    Financer: BMBF
    R&D work for the construction of 500 detector modules in one endcap of the silicon strip detector of the future ATLAS detector for the high-luminosity LHC. In particular: characterization of Hamamatsu sensors, development of tools to build
    modules o ...
  • Untersuchung der Grenzflächen von Baytronschichten

    Koch, Norbert, Prof. Dr. techn. (Junior Research Group 'Lattice QCD with 2+1+1 flavors of dynamical quarks: simulation and analysis aspects' (DFG))

    Duration of Project: 01/2006 - 12/2009

    Financer: BMBF

    Austrittsarbeit und Grenzschicht-Dipol:

    Die Höhe der Lochinjektionsbarriere (HIB) an Grenzschichten zwischen Elektrodenmaterialien und Lochinjektionsmaterialien wird durch die Austrittsarbeit der Elektrode und die Größe des Grenzschichtdipo ...

  • Understanding the Role of Material Stock Patterns for the Transformation to a Sustainable Society - MAT_STOCKS

    Hostert, Patrick, Prof. Dr. (Geomatics)

    Duration of Project: 03/2018 - 02/2023

    Financer: Europäische Union (EU) - HU als Beteiligte

    Material stocks such as buildings, infrastructures and machinery, in combination with biophysical resource flows (materials and energy), deliver services to society. Material stocks are of crucial importance for sustainability due to their eminent so ...

  • Understanding and Improving Traffic with Unknown Demands

    Klimm, Max, Prof. Dr. (Quantitative Business)

    Duration of Project: 06/2017 - 12/2018

    Financer: Einstein Stiftung Berlin
  • Tuning the Electronic Structure of Organic/Metal Contacts via Additive Interfacial Segregation

    Koch, Norbert, Prof. Dr. techn. (Structure, Dynamics and electronic Properties of Molecular Systems)

    Duration of Project: 01/2015 - 12/2017

    Financer: German Israel Foundation

    All organic-based devices, i.e., “organic electronics”, require good electrical contacts between the organic semiconductor and an electrode, most commonly a metal. It has been established early-on that the nature of the metal/organic electrical conta ...

  • Trees as Indicators of the Urban Heat Island

    Schneider, Christoph, Prof. Dr. (Climate Geography)

    Duration of Project: 06/2017 - 10/2018

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    The project ‚Bäume als Indikatoren für die urbane Wärmeinsel (BIWi)‘ (= ‚Trees as Indicators of the Urban Heat Island') comprises a pilot study for generating and analysing chronologies of different tree ring parameters (tree-ring width, pointer year ...

  • Top-quark physics at colliders

    Uwer, Peter, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. (Theoretical Physics / Phenomenology of Elementary Particles beyond the Standard Model)

    Duration of Project: 01/2009 - 12/2014

    Financer: DFG: Sonderforschungsbereich - Beteiligungen

    The top-quark, the heaviest known elementary particle, is an excellent probe of the fundamental interactions at (sub)attometer distances. Theoretical investigations of the production and decay of these quarks are essential for the analysis of the cor ...

  • Topoclimatic forcing and non-linear dynamics in the climate change adaption of glaciers in High Asia

    Loibl, David, Dr. (Climate Geography)

    Duration of Project: 01/2018 - 03/2021

    Financer: DFG: Eigene Stelle (Sachbeihilfe)

    Glaciers in High Asia, a substantial resource of water supply for more than a billion people, are known to react highly heterogeneous to climate change. However, spatial patterns, forcing mechanisms, and sensitivities underlying this heterogeneity ar ...

  • Hostert, Patrick, Prof. Dr. (Geomatics)

    Duration of Project: 03/2015 - 03/2017

    Financer: Sonstige internationale öffentliche Mittelgeber

    Quality and quantity of current high-resolution optical Earth observation data is unprecedented and provides an opportunity to advance remote sensing-based land systems analyses. However, cloud coverage and a lack of gridded higher-level products sti ...

  • the KNOWledge politics of experimentING with smart urbanism

    Moss, Timothy, Dr. (Director / Office)

    Duration of Project: 05/2017 - 09/2020

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    The aim of the proposed research project is to develop theoretical and empicial understanding of how smart urbanism experiment are re-shaping urban knowledge politics in European citires. The project proposes a symmetrical analysis of formal, corpora ...

  • Taking snapshots of photosynthetic water oxidation: simultaneous X-ray spectroscopy and crystallography

    Zouni, Athina, Dr. (Experimental Biophysics)

    Duration of Project: 11/2013 - 10/2016

    Financer: Sonstige internationale öffentliche Mittelgeber

    The objective of this project is to study the overall protein structure and dynamics, as well as the chemical structure and dynamics of the oxygen-evolving complex (OEC) of the Photosystem II membrane bound protein, that catalyses the light-driven wa ...

  • Syzygien and Moduli

    Farkas, Gavril, Prof. Dr. (Algebraic Geometry I)

    Duration of Project: 05/2018 - 09/2021

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    The salient feature characterizing all the projects of the proposal is a variational approach to syzygies. There are two major sets of goals : On one side, find an answer to some of the outstanding questions on syzygies of algebraic curves: The Prym- ...

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