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  • Wie sozial-emotionale Fähigkeiten von Lehrkräften die sozial-emotionale Entwicklung von Schüler*innen beeinflussen.

    Dietrich, Lars, Dr. (Pedagogy on psychosocial disabilities)

    Duration of Project: 10/2019 - 09/2020

    Over the course of the past two decades, international comparison studies have strongly increased pressure on national policy leaders to improve student outcomes. In the beginning, efforts solely focused on academic achievement, but over time, the no ...

  • Empathy over and out?

    Hess, Ursula, Prof. Dr. (Social Psychology and Organizational Psychology)

    Duration of Project: 01/2019 - 12/2020

    Financer: DAAD

    In this study, we aim to investigate the empathetic resonance ability in online communication among young adults (18-24), a group of likely users of social media. For this purpose, a partner experiment is carried out (50 dyads), in which two differen ...

  • Dysphoric affect as a function of cognitive biases and inhibitory control in remitted MDD

    von Koch, Lara, (Clinical Psychology)

    Duration of Project: 05/2017 - 04/2020

    Financer: Sonstige Stiftungen

    Unipolare Depression ist eine verbreitete psychische Erkrankung, die in ihrer häufigsten Ausprägungsform einen chronisch-episodenhaften Verlauf annimmt. Da mindestens 50% der Betroffenen nach einer ersten depressiven Erkrankungsphase weitere Krankhei ...

  • PPP Hongkong 2019

    Sommer, Werner, Prof. Dr. rer. soc. habil. (Biological Psychology / Psychophysiology)

    Duration of Project: 01/2019 - 12/2020

    Financer: DAAD
  • Die Nutzung maskierten Primungs zur Untersuchung der kognitiven Prinzipien, welche die unbewusste Verarbeitung und deren Effekt auf den arithmetischen Faktenabruf bestimmen

    Didino, Daniele, Dr. (General Psychology)

    Duration of Project: 06/2020 - 05/2023

    Financer: DFG: Eigene Stelle (Sachbeihilfe)
  • Action-based updating of visual short-term memory

    Ohl, Sven, Dr. (Junior Research Groups)

    Duration of Project: 10/2019 - 09/2022

    Financer: DFG: Eigene Stelle (Sachbeihilfe)

    Actions are tightly linked to human perception and cognition — both vision and memory are enhanced for stimuli at action target locations. While research on vision and memory have independently established mechanisms of action-based selection, a link ...

  • Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies

    Fingerhut, Joerg, Dr. (Employees)

    Duration of Project: 02/2020 - 01/2025

    Financer: Europäische Union (EU) - HU als Beteiligte

    ARTIS is a first-of-its-kind collaboration to theoretically explore, empirically capture, and co-create individual and societal change via the transformative power of art. We argue that to make better policy that advances art’s efficacy, it is necess ...

  • A Walk Through the Park: Understanding Emotional Mimicry in an Ecological Context

    Hess, Ursula, Prof. Dr. (Social Psychology and Organizational Psychology)

    Duration of Project: 01/2020 - 03/2022

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    In everyday life, we are surrounded by people who experience and express emotions, and we are called upon to react appropriately, depending on our relationship with the other person and the context of the interaction. One fundamentally relevant react ...

  • Changing Cognitive Processes Based on Internal and External Cues in Children With Social Anxiety Disorder

    Asbrand, Julia, Prof. Dr. (Clinical child and adolescent psychology and psychotherapy (J))

    Duration of Project: 04/2020 - 10/2023

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    Models of social anxiety disorder (SAD) in adults have focused on cognitive biases before, during and after social situations, which might lead to a negative self-concept in patients with diagnosed SAD. It could be shown that patients with SAD report ...

  • Connectome and Cognition

    Markett, Sebastian Andreas, Prof. Dr. (Molecular Psychology)

    Duration of Project: 05/2018 - 01/2021

    Financer: DFG: Sachbeihilfe

    The human connectome refers to the brain’s wiring diagram, both structurally and functionally. Connectomes can be reconstructed from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. Although MRI studies to date have identified a set of networks embedded into t ...

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