Cultures of Rejection in the COVID-19 Crisis (CuRe-COV)

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How does the COVID-19 crisis affect cultures of rejection? Building on findings from the CuRe project, we analyse the transformation and reinforcement of previously existing elements of cultures of rejection, and we investigate emerging new ones in relation to the pandemic and its political management. Through an analysis of digital environments in five countries, we identify pressing challenges arising from the rejection of political and scientific authorities, contribute to a deeper understanding of popular resistance to anti-pandemic measures, and develop suggestions for dealing with the threats to social cohesion and the European project they entail.

Bojadžijev, Manuela Prof. Dr. (Details) (Kultur und Lebenstile in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft)

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Volkswagen-Stiftung (VW)

Projektstart: 01/2022
Projektende: 06/2022

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