Circle U.

By 2023, Circle U. will be a thriving inclusive, research-intensive and interdisciplinary European University Ecosystem consisting of (1) Student Led Sustainable Innovation initiatives to empower students, (2) interdisciplinary Knowledge Hubs connecting academics, students and external stakeholders around major societal challenges, (3) an Open School of Public Governance tying new knowledge and solutions to governance issues and (4) a Think and Do Tank to engage with policy makers to shape the European Education Area.
We have identified three thematic areas to pool our existing strengths to make substantial impact on the sustainability
agenda: Climate, Global Health and Democracy.
Thirty-five dedicated Academic Chairs are central to our joint education and research infrastructure, to better link education, research and innovation in service to society. Chairs will organise in inter-university networks to foster transnational collaborations across disciplines and with associated partners. By 2030, we will have 126 Chairs, strongly contributing to the sustainability of the Alliance.
Erasmus Without Paper, virtual classrooms and a web portal to share courses will be a reality. We will develop a system for automatic recognition, a framework for sustainable student and staff mobility, and improve academic and social integration of students. Being an inclusive and open University of the Future, we will share our experiences so all can benefit from it.
In the project period, 36,707 graduate students, 3,720 postgraduate students, 5,349 members of staff and 34 associated partners will benefit from the activities. The wider public in our cities and regions will also benefit, as students will work to find solutions to sustainability challenges identified by our associated partners.
We will produce 45 outputs and 20 outcomes, ranging from structured education programmes and cooperation models to innovative and challenge based activities, to take us towards our vision.

Principal investigators
Brömmer, Anna Dr. (Details) (International Department)


Duration of project
Start date: 11/2020
End date: 10/2023

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