CRC/TRR 175/2: The Green Hub: Central Coordinator of Acclimation in Plants (SP C05)

Mechanisms and components of GUN1/GLK signalling and its relevance for acclimation (C05).
The plastid protein GENOMES UNCOUPLED 1 (GUN1) and the nuclear transcription factors GOLDEN-LIKE1 and 2 (GLK1 and 2) operate in the same retrograde signalling pathway defined by de-repressed LHCB1 marker gene expression during treatment with norflurazon or lincomycin. We found in preceding work that GUN1 and GLK play a role in acclimation to cold. Our project includes: (i) Physiological characterisation of GUN1-GLK functions in the cold, (ii) Identification of novel of GUN1-GLK signalling components by genetic screens, (iii) Dissection of cis-regulatory elements of GUN1-mediated GLK transcriptional regulation, and (iv) Characterization of GLK targets.

Principal Investigators
Kaufmann, Kerstin Prof. Dr. (Details) (Cellular and Molecular Biology of Plants)

Participating external organizations

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2020
End date: 06/2024

Research Areas
Plant Genetics, Plant Physiology

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