Einstein Profil Professur Social Intelligence

Social intelligence, the ability to build relationships and navigate our social environment, is a fundamental part of intelligent behaviour. With the interaction between humans on the one hand and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic systems on the other playing an increasingly important role in current research and technology, knowledge of social intelligence from social and cognitive neuroscience is of utmost importance for the development of these systems. A professorship “Social Intelligence” would thus connect cutting-edge research on social and embodied cognition in humans with a thriving area in computer science and technology.

Braß, Marcel Prof. Dr. (Details) (Social Intelligence (S))

Beteiligte Organisationseinheiten der HU

Einstein Stiftung Berlin

Projektstart: 10/2020
Projektende: 09/2025

Allgemeine, Kognitive und Mathematische Psychologie, Neurowissenschaften

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