CRC 1404/1: Portable and Adaptive Data Analysis Workflows for Real-Time 3D Vision (SP B02)

In many Natural Sciences, microscopy is key to discover things that have never been seen or captured by cameras before. In high-end microscopy, resolution approaches the wavelength of the probing radiation, leading to images that are recorded with partially coherent, potentially unidirectional, or even polarized illumination plagued by various diffraction effects. The reconstruction algorithms processing such data are compute- and/or memory-intensive and are typically vendor-specific black-box algorithms, which are impossible to port and hard to modify or maintain. The aim of this interdisciplinary subproject is to develop a toolbox and platform for the flexible creation of vendor-agnostic DAWs for the near-real time analysis of microscopic images. It addresses portability across microscopes, dependability of analysis pipelines, and adaptation to different measurement types and available re-sources. Important cooperations will be established with B05 on estimating resource requirements and with B04 on optimizing network traffic. The subproject will be carried out by Prof. Eisert, an expert in online manipulation and analysis of video streams, and Prof. Koch, an expert in developing novel techniques in electron microscopy and optical microscopy.

Principal Investigators
Eisert, Peter Prof. Dr.-Ing. (Details) (Visual Computing)
Koch, Christoph T. Prof. PhD (Details) (Experimental Physics / Structural Research and Electron Microscopy)

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2020
End date: 06/2024

Research Areas
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Interactive and Intelligent Systems, Image and Language Processing, Computer Graphics and Visualisation, Massively Parallel and Data-Intensive Systems

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