CRC 1404/1: Data Analysis Workflows for Interactive Scientific Exploration (SP A06)

DAWs for scientific discoveries are often exploratory. Furthermore, also the process of specifying a DAW is exploratory, involving the repeated adaptation of the current DAW specification based on results of previous executions or based on refined requirements. The interdisciplinary subproject A06 will investigate means to support the explorative process of DAW specification systematically by de-veloping a specification model for exploratory DAWs, its mapping to distributed DAW infrastructures, and abstractions for interactive exploratory DAWs that connect exploration spaces with states of DAW executions. It focuses on DAWs for genome analysis, which are often long and complex and whose development involves numerous design choices and time-consuming trial-and-error phases. It will team-up especially with subproject A01 on analyzing traces of DAW executions and with B03 regarding the problem of mapping logged events back to the abstract tasks which produced them. The subproject addresses the phases of DAW modification, specification, and deployment. The subproject will be carried out jointly by Dr. Kehr, an expert in large-scale genome analysis methods, and Prof. Weidlich, an expert in process management and mining.

Principal Investigators
Weidlich, Matthias Prof. Dr. (Details) (Data Bases and Information Systems)

Participating external organizations

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2020
End date: 06/2024

Research Areas
Bioinformatics and Theoretical Biology, Operating, Communication, Database and Distributed Systems

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