CRC 1404/1: Foundations of Data Analysis Workflow Validation (SP A01)

An important aspect of DAW dependability is the systematic detection and avoidance of misguided executions. Subproject A1 will approach this problem as query discovery problem: Given a set of execution traces of a DAW or a family of DAWs, find a set of concise queries over the log stream that separate runs that succeeded from those that fail. Query discovery, in contrast to statistical methods for failure prediction, has the advantage that queries can be understood more easily by the DAW developer, which makes adaptation of DAWs to avoid problematic situations possible. An important cooperation will be with B6, which focuses on detecting abnormal behavior at runtime. The project is carried out in cooperation between Prof. Schweikardt, an expert in logic and database theory, and Prof. Weidlich, an expert in process management and mining.

Principal investigators
Weidlich, Matthias Prof. Dr. (Details) (Data Bases and Information Systems)
Schweikardt, Nicole Prof. Dr. (Details) (Theoretical Computer Science)

DFG: Sonderforschungsbereich

Duration of project
Start date: 07/2020
End date: 06/2024

Research Areas
Operating, Communication, Database and Distributed Systems, Theoretical Computer Science

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