CRC 1412/1: Register Perception in a Multilingual Context of German: Differentiation, Awareness, and Attitudes (SP C07)

The research project investigates how formal and informal registers are perceived in the multilingual context of German spoken in Namibia. Through corpus-linguistic and experimental methods we investigate register differentiation (e.g., What new registers of German emerge in multilingual settings?), awareness (e.g., What features do language users pick up in their perception of register distinctions?), and attitudes towards different registers (e.g., What role do different types of features play for sociolinguistic evaluations and associations?).

Principal Investigators
Wiese, Heike Prof. Dr. (Details) (German linguistics: Language acquisition and language development in multilingual context)
Sauermann, Antje Dr. (Details) (Department of German Studies and Linguistics)

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2020
End date: 12/2023

Research Areas
Applied Linguistics, Experimental Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, General and Comparative Linguistics, Typology, Non-European Languages, Individual Linguistics

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