High Resolution Optogenetics with OLEDs

This project is designed to explore organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) for the application in the field of Optogenetics. We will invest a set of technically new applications for activation and inhibition of neurons with so far unprecedented lateral resolution. We will employ a new technology with electrically switchable multi-color sets with a size of a single cell (10 micrometer). The matrix control-system based on organic transistors will allow to evoke very local optogenetic effects. The new system will be tested on neuronal cells that express a tandem of two channelrhodopsins with complementary cation and anion conductances and later extend the system to brain slices and whole animals to study local effects and more extended signal transduction. The project is a collaboration of two Hector fellows from Physics (Karl Leo, Uni Dresden) and Biophysics (Peter Hegemann, HU).

Principal investigators
Hegemann, Peter Prof. Dr. (Details) (Experimental Biophysics)
Leo, Karl Prof. (Dresden University of Technology)

Mittel von Hochschulgesellschaften

Duration of project
Start date: 07/2020
End date: 06/2023

Research Areas
Natural Sciences

Research Areas

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