Joint Visiting Research Fellowship on Religion and Development in Northern Iraq

In cooperation with Malteser International, RCSD/HU will be offering two post-doctoral / doctoral visiting research fellowships on religion and development in Northern Iraq, for a period of six months starting in April or May 2020. The fellows will conduct their own research projects. Each fellowship includes empirical field research in Northern Iraq.
The studies conducted by the fellows will be based on a quantitative survey conducted by Malteser International in the framework of the Ninewa Return Program, a major rehabilitation and reconstruction programme in Northern Iraq funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). In particular, the research fellows will conduct qualitative follow-up studies on migration decisions, social cohesion and development (see specific research questions below). The research will be conducted in close cooperation with local and international Malteser International staff. The fellows will be selected based on a call for applications. The structure of the fellowships as well as the requirements are outlined in the attached call for applications mutually agreed between RCSD/HU and Malteser International.

The aim of the fellowship is to conduct in-depth qualitative research to understand the reasons for return vs. non-return of displaced families. The precise research topics will be defined jointly with RCSD/HU and Malteser International once the results of the quantitative survey are available. Possible research questions include:
• Why have different ethno-religious groups returned – or why have they not returned?
• Why have different demographic groups returned – or why have they not returned?
• What are the specific challenges of youth, and how could we further encourage their return? What livelihoods perspectives do youth have in the Ninewa Plains?
• What are the specific challenges and perspectives of women, and what does this imply for future development programs?
• What role does education play in return vs. non-return? How can education contribute to rebuilding trust and social cohesion in post-ISIS Iraq?
• What is the direct and indirect role of the different religious communities regarding the decision of returning vs. not returning? How do these communities contribute to social cohesion and development?

Principal investigators
Öhlmann, Philipp Hagen Dr. (Details) (Section of Applied Theology / Chairs)

Participating external organisations

Sonstige Wirtschaftsunternehmen

Duration of project
Start date: 03/2020
End date: 04/2021

Research Areas
Protestant Theology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Non-European Cultures, Jewish Studies and Religious Studies

Research Areas
Development Studies, Religion and Development

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