EXC 2046/1: Equilibria for Energy Markets with Transport (AG Hintermüller, TP AA4-3)

Motivated by efficient energy distribution, we develop theory and solution algorithms for a new class of generalized Nash equilibrium problems (GNEPs) arising in game theoretic formulations of energy markets. As agents of the GNEP measure data along the underlying equilibrium process, we establish model predictive control (MPC) and closed loop strategies to target realistic control scenarios. The pertinent transport physics together with additional system constraints are considered within a hierarchy of models and with possible stochastic perturbations.

Hintermüller, Michael Prof. Dr. (Details) (Angewandte Mathematik)

DFG Exzellenzstrategie: Cluster

Projektstart: 01/2019
Projektende: 12/2021

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angewandte Mathematik

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