CRC-TRR 154: Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation Using the Example of Gas Networks

The latest and still ongoing discussion on Diesel engines and the phasing out of charcoal have disclosed that there is an urgent need by the society for a clean and ecologically friendly handling of energy. This not only applies for the mobile sector but quite as much for households and industry and further on for production, storage and transport. It is obvious that gas as an energy source, still plays a major role in this context. The increased significance of gas as a crucial resource supports the general wish for a careful dealing with raw materials as such and their transport. An increasing uncertainty, mainly in economical and political constraints, is an accompanying feature. Simultaneously – and this has been accelerating over the past three years – the gas supply contains mathematical challenges arising in such constellations or similar ones, or even in simplified versions within other constellations. This simultaneity and transferability makes it so extremely important and exciting to understand and analyze the basic mathematical phenomena and problems and to finally explore those new mathematical findings in numerics, analysis, simulation, and optimization. This Project is straight on this path – now and for the second funding period of the planned research program. The outcomes achieved in the Project did not happen automatically though, but are generally the result of an intensive and mainly cooperative research. Those cooperations have been intensified and promoted by the framework and structures built by the Project. Therefore the last three years since the beginning of the first period of approval of the Project have been successful years for a deeper rootedness of mathematical theories and practices in the energy research which have, related to a rich diversity in natural sciences and technology, a significant impact on the lives of a growing number of people. Especially the increasing uncertainties mentioned above and the constantly changing political and economic conditions, are the motivating factor to focus on aspects which will play a stronger role in the second funding period. For these reasons the Project is drawing up new projects that obtain important drives from the gas trading on deregulated energy markets. From a mathematical point of view it considers models including equilibrium constraints which are, taken individually, and with regard to the existence, the uniqueness, and the finding of solutions, ambitious objects of research. In this context the proper inclusion of uncertainty requires to strike a balance between stochastic and robust, risk neutral and risk averse, as well as single and multistage models.

Principal investigators
SZF-1, Leitung Servicezentrum Forschung (Details) (Research Service Centre)

DFG: Sonderforschungsbereich

Duration of project
Start date: 07/2014
End date: 06/2022

Research Areas
Mathematics, Social Sciences

Research Areas
Diskrete Optimierung, Kontinuierliche Optimierung, Mathematische Modellierung, Modelladaption, Numerische Analysis, Optimierung über Partielle Differentialgleichungen, Simulation, Stochastische Optimierung

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