Einstein Guest Researcher Esra Ertan-Schlüter

This study will focus on the segmental level, i.e. inventory differences of speech
sounds between German and Turkish. According to Flege’s The Speech
Learning Model Theory, L2 speech learning posits that there is no critical period
for L2 speech because the capacity to learn speech remains intact across the life
span [9]. L2 learners automatically relate the sounds they hear to sounds found
in their L1. This structure of cross-language matching appears even in cases that
the L2 sounds are quite different from those found the first language (L1). In
other words the sound system of the Ll effects the perception and production of
the phonetic patterns of the second. Meanwhile L1 is affected by L2 patterns as
well [10]. It was predicted that the sound systems of Turkish and German
influence mutually.

Principal Investigators
Mooshammer, Christine Prof. Dr. (Details) (German Linguistics: Phonetics / Phonology)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2020
End date: 12/2021

Research Areas
Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Areas
Linguistik, Phonetik

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