Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies

ARTIS is a first-of-its-kind collaboration to theoretically explore, empirically capture, and co-create individual and societal change via the transformative power of art. We argue that to make better policy that advances art’s efficacy, it is necessary to build a systematic program that combines empirical and theoretical research with perspectives of artists, art educators, and other art stakeholders. Our objective is fourfold.

First, we will integrate state-of-the-art empirical approaches from psychology, neuroscience, and phenomenology (UNIVIE, HUB, UvA, AAU) to conduct a series of investigations that identify specific types of experiences with art. We will connect these to changes at individual (neurocognitive, emotional, health) and societal (prosocial and political attitudes) levels. We will capture these experiences in leading museums and urban centers across Europe and in individuals’ home and working contexts.

Second, ARTIS will continuously contextualize and challenge the empirical data using theoretical approaches from philosophy as well as political science and art criticism (HUB, UOXF, RHUL).

Third, we will combine this empirical and theoretical focus with a series of interventions, workshops, and experimentations that will be developed in tandem with art schools (UAB, KHB, UOXF), artists, and galleries that focus on generating new thinking, engagement, and action with regard to societal challenges.

Fourth, ARTIS will translate the insights gained by our comprehensive methods and co-creations with artists into policy guidelines (FDU) that will be disseminated by key stakeholders in art and culture (IFNU). Throughout the project, we will consider both mainstream as well as marginalized and disengaged individuals.

ARTIS will therefore address the need to capture, assess, and harness the societal impact of the arts by providing novel methodological tools, and building bridges among scientists, artists, and policy-makers.

Principal Investigators
Fingerhut, Joerg Dr. (Details) (Employees)

participating organizational facilities of the HU

Duration of Project
Start date: 02/2020
End date: 01/2024

Research Areas
Art History, Music, Theatre and Media Studies, Neurosciences, Philosophy, Psychology

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