CRC 1412/1: Situation-Register Congruence Meets Morphosyntax and Verb-Argument Violations: Real-Time and Post-Sentence Comprehension (SP C03)

The Project will assess — for the first time — the (representational and procedural) similarities in comprehenders’ processing of standard-language grammar compared with register. It asks whether one can parsimoniously assume a single mechanism and closely-linked mental representations or whether one must model standard-language and register processing via distinct mental representations and/or mechanisms. The project will investigate whether comprehenders draw on a single conceptual store (usage-based) for a word’s standard and colloquial versions (e.g. Schuhe vs. Latschen) or whether these are stored in distinct lexical assemblies and/or processed via distinct mechanisms, on the basis of eye-tracking and EEG studies.

Principal Investigators
Knoeferle, Pia Prof. Dr. (Details) (Linguistics of German: Psycholinguistics)
Maquate, Katja Dr. (Details) (Department of German Studies and Linguistics)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2020
End date: 12/2023

Research Areas
Applied Linguistics, Experimental Linguistics, Computational Linguistics

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