Migration and Cultural Transfer between Germany and the Albanian Western Balkans

The aim of this project is to investigate the cultural transfer from Germany to the Albanian Western Balkans by Albanian migrants living in Germany. The focus is on the two ex-Yugoslavian countries Kosovo and Macedonia, because according to initial work, this transfer seems to be typical for ex-Yugoslavia due to the special manifold relations and contacts with Germany. The Albanian migration shows this relevance most clearly, because it allows a direct comparison between Albania and ex-Yugoslavia on the basis of the same group of speakers. The beginning of this transfer is to be sought in the economic sphere in the form of the transfer of money and goods through labour migration. The intensive transnational networks between Germany and the countries of origin through commuting migration and remigration (refugees and/or pensioners) have transformed this economic transfer into a comprehensive cultural transfer, which goes hand in hand with a language transfer. This has had a strong impact on areas such as consumption, many (technical) professions and education, which have undergone profound changes both in cultural and linguistic terms. The project combines several scientific approaches and methods. In addition to the rich consumer and migration research on the former Yugoslavia and the German-Yugoslavian historical research, the project operates strongly with empirically collected data, especially in sociolinguistic terms, in three selected survey locations (capital, small town, rural area) and thus differentiates strongly between different social groups within the respective country, which consider this transfer as part of their sociolinguistic identity. Kosovo is a special case study because the high number of returning refugees has led to a greater supply and demand for German culture.

Principal Investigators
Voß, Christian Prof. Dr. (Details) (South Slavic Languages and Cultures)
Jusufi, Ljumnije Dr. (Details) (South Slavic Languages and Cultures)

Duration of Project
Start date: 12/2019
End date: 11/2022

Research Areas
Kultursoziologie, Migration

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