Impact of urban climate effects and emissions on air quality, and scientific application of the urban climate model PALM-4U (AusSEn)

In the second phase of the programme "Urban Climate under Change" subproject 2 (TP2) will support the general objective to further develop PALM-4U into a practical urban climate model and to establish it in fields of application. The project ‘Impact of urban climate effects and emissions on air quality, and scientific application of the urban climate model PALM-4U (AusSEn)' at the HU Berlin (HUB) will investigate the interaction of air quality (Particulate Matter, PM, Ultrafine Particles, UFP, gases) in the urban climate with specific spatial configurations. PALM-4U simulation runs and simulations with other geo-statistical models and existing established models (KLAM21, AUSTAL2000) will be validated and evaluated against already available observational data collected within the framework of time-limited special measurements. In addition to small-scale heterogeneity in urban areas in general, TP2 focuses on aspects of the urban climate and air quality in cold air flows, corridor winds and cold air pools characterised by low-lying nearsurface inversions. The measurements at the existing Long Term Observation Site (LTO) Berlin-Adlershof, currently supplemented with important additional measuring instruments from own resources, will be continued. TP2
participates in the database infrastructure for PALM-4U at the Berlin site (TP1, TP2, TP3). UFP measurements will provide and jointly analyse important input and validation data for the integration of the SALSA module in PALM-4U within Module A. The TP2 in module B contributes to the extension of the radiation module of PALM-4U in TP5 of module A by a special measurement campaign. A high-performance computer with 400 CPU cores for highly parallel PALM-4U simulations, assisted by TP5 in module A, is available at the HUB. With the existing expertise and capacities TP2 will integrate the model PALM-4U into modules of the bachelor and master study programs of the Berlin University Alliance at TU Berlin and HUB.

Principal investigators
Schneider, Christoph Prof. Dr. (Details) (Climate Geography)

Further project members
Schubert, Sebastian Dr. (Details) (Climate Geography)

Participating organisational units of HU Berlin
Climate Geography (OKZ: 331217)


Duration of project
Start date: 10/2019
End date: 07/2023

Research Areas
Physical Geography

Research Areas

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