Agrargroßbetriebe in Benin – Die Firma Africa Agri Tech und ihre Auswirkungen auf die lokale Lebensgrundlage und Ernährungssicherheit

This master’s thesis project focuses on the implications of large-scale agricultural investments for the local population in host-countries of the Global South. In order to investigate this topic, an empirical case study will be conducted. The particular case to be considered is “Africa Agri Tech”, a vegetable producing enterprise in Benin. The aim of the research is to assess the impacts of this farm on local livelihoods, specifically with regard to income and food security as well as access to resources. The methodology of the study will concentrate on a household-survey completed with expert-interviews. This master’s thesis will make a highly relevant contribution to food security research, as empirically investigations on the implications of large-scale agricultural investments on local communities are still limited.

Luckmann, Jonas Dr. (Details) (Internationaler Agrarhandel und Entwicklung)

Projektstart: 07/2019
Projektende: 01/2020

Agrarökonomie und -soziologie

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