i4G: Shaping the iSchools’ Identity and Interactions in a Globalized world

The diversity of iSchools is the motivation for the creation of a platform that would enable the iSchools community to understand how human, social and organizational factors play a role in the scholarly activities of the global iSchools community.
The project will:
1. Undertake semi-structured interviews and hold focus groups to gather data on teaching, research, and knowledge exchange within the global iSchools community. We will seek to understand how iSchool-based practices in the curriculum structure, in staffing patterns, and in faculty productivity expectations differ across iSchools, and to understand the role of external constraints such as funding, organizational autonomy within the university, and economic and political drivers. These interviews and focus group discussions should enable the iSchools to develop a common understanding of their diverse practices. We expect that sharing and discussing these distinctions will help iSchools produce high quality teaching and research appropriate for today’s data-driven world.
2. Build a platform that will enable the iSchools to create:
a. a Diversity Map that shows local and global perspectives on teaching, research and knowledge exchange activities within the context of specific institutional structures, governance and funding mechanisms; and
b. a Knowledge Graph that connects people in the iSchools, and that demonstrates their research and scholarship.

Petras, Vivien Prof. (Details) (Information Retrieval)

Projektstart: 10/2019
Projektende: 02/2022

Informationssysteme, Prozess- und Wissensmanagement, Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft

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