re3data – Offene und nutzerorientierte Referenz für Forschungsdatenrepositorien (re3data COREF)

Scientific communities, funding organisations, research institutions and services rely on concise, current and specific repository descriptions and refer to re3data as a semi-authoritative source. As a registry and service of DataCite, re3data is currently insufficiently connected to other services to retrieve its information and relies on user input and a manual indexing process. The main goal of the planned project is to professionalize the service even further and provide reliable and trustworthy customized data to all stakeholders: re3data COREF will provide core repository descriptions that can be referred and cited in an appropriate manner and that are persistently identifiable. This includes precise textual representations in publications or on websites and unique identification in machine-to-machine communication. Thus the service shall be advanced to facilitate the reuse of reliable and trustworthy information on research data repositories, e.g. according to the European Open Science Cloud Declaration Action List.

Petras, Vivien Prof. (Details) (Information Retrieval)

Beteiligte Organisationseinheiten der HU
Information Retrieval (OKZ: 514023)

Projektstart: 01/2020
Projektende: 12/2022

Informationssysteme, Prozess- und Wissensmanagement

Information Retrieval

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