HiVstories: Living Politics. Travelling Exhibition to London, Krakow,and Istanbul (HERA Knowledge Exchange and Impact Awards 2019)

Entitled “HiVstories: Living Politics,” the exhibition will consist of a curated selection of artworks, artefacts and oral histories. This cultural forum to engage with publics from both inside and outside academia will also provide a space in which to experiment with the concepts that team members have been developing in academic outputs.A re-worked versions of this exhibition will be shown in London, Krakow and Istanbul.

Binder, Beate Prof. Dr. (Details) (Geschlechterstudien und Europäische Ethnologie)

Projektstart: 11/2019
Projektende: 05/2020

Ethnologie und Europäische Ethnologie

Anthropologie politischer Prozesse, Archives/Archive, Queer History, Soziale Bewegungen

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