Geschlecht und gesellschaftliche Visionen - 30 Jahre Einmischen, Gestalten, Provozieren

Conference – Feminist Visions 2019

Both in the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 and in the subsequent years of political transformation and reunification the women's and gender issue was of outstanding importance. However, the role of women in these processes is still insufficiently reflected in research, memory culture, and public discourse.
In the pan-German context, there is often a devaluation of East German experiences. In the present day, particularly neo-nationalist developments cast a negative light on the history and self-conception of East Germany, which is often characterized by a symbolic gender order that assigns women a subordinate role in social life. In turn, in public discourse, radical right-wing tendencies among male youths in the new federal states (Neue Bundesländer) are often associated with East German socialization.
This conference aims to work with national and international experts to contribute to a more differentiated reflection on East Germany and in particular the gender order in the new federal states.
A further goal of the conference is to contribute to the revision of collective memory in such a way that the experience and ways of gaining agency are made more visible to people in the GDR. In 1989, (moral) courage made emancipatory changes possible – and social visions, especially in the fields of literature, culture, and art, were mapped. We would like to examine these visions anew in order to learn more about them and to reconceive solidarity today.
These aspects will be discussed in the context of a two-day conference, which will address both a scientific and broad public. Several keynote speeches and various panels with short presentations and discussions are planned. Further event formats will take place to enrich the scientific debates. These include guided tours to selected places of remembrance and research in Berlin, a biographical workshop, a film screening with discussion, and a performance.

Principal Investigators
Vedder, Ulrike Prof. Dr. (Details) (Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies)

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2019
End date: 12/2019

Research Areas
Gender Studies; Geschlechterforschung

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