Connecting Scales in Vibrational Imaging: Synchrotron Microscopy Station for Spatial-, Temporal- and Polarization-Resolved Spectroscopy

The characterisation of the molecular structure, composition and interactions of a biological, inorganic or synthesised material is a prerequisite for understanding its properties and functions.
Through infrared (IR) absorption or Raman scattering, this is achieved with micrometre resolution. The aim of this project is to build a new unique Synchrotron-Microscopy-Station (SyMS) in which synchrotron IR and Raman microscopy can be combined in one device.
IR imaging takes advantage of the unique properties of IR synchrotron radiation, resulting in a wide range of spatial and temporal options for the microspectroscopic experiments.
The “Beamline IRIS am BESSY II” offers excellent opportunities to develop and operate the new equipment.

Principal investigators
Kneipp, Janina Prof. Dr. rer. nat. (Details) (Physical Chemistry)

Participating external organisations


Duration of project
Start date: 07/2019
End date: 11/2023

Research Areas
Analytical Chemistry, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Natural Sciences, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

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