Advancing Philippine Studies at HU

"Advancing Philippine Studies at HU” aims to advance and promote Philippine and Filipino/a/x studies at Humboldt University Berlin by developing academic programs, projects, and/or activities related to the culture, society, and history of the Philippines and the Filipino people.
Advancing Philippine studies at HU, and, by extension, Germany and continental Europe, entails a sustained effort that covers six main thrusts:
1. Provide opportunities for students and researchers working on the Philippines and Filipina/o/x to share their research and creative works with each other, forge links and collaborations, learn from each other, access research grants, and disseminate their work;
2. Improve the research and analytical skills of students and researchers working on the Philippines and Filipina/o/x;
3. Provide regular Filipino language and Philippine studies courses at HU-IAAW;
4. Procure books and films that can be used for teaching and researching Philippine and Filipina/o/x studies;
5. Bring internationally renowned Philippine and Filipina/o/x studies scholars and artists to Berlin to enable them to share their work with the Berlin and Germany audience; and
6. Help strengthen the international network of Philippine and Filipina/o/x studies scholars.
It is funded by a donation from the Philippine Government represented by the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, and the Filipino people through the initiative of Senator Loren Legarda. This is an outright charitable donation offered to the University. Hence, the Embassy and the Philippine Government will not receive any benefit in return for the donation. Furthermore, the University has full academic, strategic, and operational control over decisions related to the donation.

Castillo, Rosa Cordillera Ph.D. (Details) (Geschichte Südostasiens)

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