CRC 951/3: HIOS Structure and Morphology Characterization (SP Z02)

This central project provides characterization services by various electron beam based techniques, obtaining information about atomic and electronic structure on hybrid inorganic/organic systems (HIOS) produced within the CRC. Using scientific equipment some of which has only very recently been purchased or built during the second funding period of the CRC a wide range of electron imaging, diffraction and spectroscopy techniques covering a very wide range of electron beam energies (5 kV – 200 kV) will be applied. This includes imaging and mapping of composition at atomic resolution, mapping of local crystal structure and orientation of beam-sensitive HIOS at electron beam energies down to 5 keV, mapping of plasmonic eigenmodes, electron-beam lithography, as well as many other techniques available to scanning electron microscopy, or (scanning) transmission electron microscopy.

Principal investigators
Koch, Christoph T. Prof. PhD (Details) (Experimental Physics / Structural Research and Electron Microscopy)

DFG: Sonderforschungsbereich

Duration of project
Start date: 07/2019
End date: 06/2023

Research Areas
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Research Areas
Festkörperphysik, Materialwissenschaften, Oberflächenphysik, Optik, Organische Chemie, Photonik, Physikalische Chemie, Physik molekularer Systeme, Theoretische Physik

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