GreenCityLabHue – Nature-Based Solutions to Strengthen Climate Resilience of Urban Regions in Central Vietnam (SP 1: Green Scenarios Hue)

The GreenCityLabHue has the objective to create a multi-level, multi-disciplinary space for research and experimentation to develop, visualize, evaluate and discuss ideas and concepts for the (re-)creation and expansion of green-blue infrastructure (GBI) in the city of Hue, Central Vietnam. In cooperation with stakeholders from science, administration, politics and the civil society, and under consideration of existing urban development plans, the project consortium will develop shared expertise, common concepts and a database to facilitate the coordinated, strategic development of a network of (semi-)natural areas across the city of Hue. The project explicitly aims at (i) acquiring and providing information on existing and potential GBI; (ii) developing land use scenarios based on narratives and visions of stakeholders; (iii) supporting participatory processes, capacity-building, co-learning and co-creation; (iv) inspiring other Vietnamese cities to improve climate resilience; (v) providing the basis of the subsequent research and development project. Integrating nature-based solutions and GBI into Hue’s city planning may help to protect various ecosystem services, thereby increasing the social and ecological resilience of the city of Hue and its hinterland, e.g., regarding climate change impacts.

Principal investigators
Haase, Dagmar Prof. Dr. (Details) (Landscape Ecology and Biogeography)


Duration of project
Start date: 07/2019
End date: 03/2021

Research Areas

Research Areas
Grün-blaue Infrastrukturen, Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung, Naturbasierte Lösungen

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