EU: Crossing! Improving the Trans-Boundary Wildlife Management of Bison and Moose (LosBonasus)

Moose and bison once roamed the forests of Europe. Habitat loss, hunting and poaching led to the extermination of the bison in Poland and Germany, only few moose could survive in the forests of Poland. Breeding and reintroduction programs as well as improved protection regulations contributed to the slow recovery of both species in Poland, which are now increasingly finding their way to Germany. While representing a great opportunity for biodiversity, the return of these large mammals also brings challenges for humans and animals. Conflicts can occur where human interests and animal needs collide. These include possible damages to agriculture and forestry, collisions with vehicles in road traffic, and human-animal encounters in recreation and hunting. Where and how many moose and bison are roaming in the German-Polish border area or where there is potential for conflict is unclear due to a lack of cross-border cooperation in management, monitoring and research. Joint knowledge and communication structures between the two countries are still missing. The initiation and improvement of cross-border wildlife management for bison and moose in the program area, in line with economic, political and social interests of the region, is therefore the central project goal. The objectives set to the current challenges described above:

1. To create a solid knowledge and decision basis regarding the distribution and habitat requirements of bison and moose in both countries;
2. Jointly coordinated cross-border development and initiation of management options for a sustainable co-existence with bison and moose;
3. Creating acceptance by involving relevant stakeholders as well as environmental education and dissemination in the project region.

The main results and outputs of the project will be:
1. Comprehensive online and print map material on habitat suitability, migration corridors and potential conflict hotspots;
2. Catalogue of management measures and declaration of intent for a common cross-border wildlife management of bison and moose;
3. Materials for participation, education and communication as well as a bison-moose task force for creating acceptance and resolving acute conflicts.

Principal investigators
Kümmerle, Tobias Prof. Dr. (Details) (Biogeography)


Duration of project
Start date: 07/2019
End date: 12/2022

Research Areas

Research Areas
Artenschutz und Naturschutz, Geographie, Mensch-Wildtier-Konflikte, Wildtierforschung

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