BioMaterialities – Nature and the Transformation of Production, Reproduction and Politics in the High-Tech Bioeconomy

BioMaterialities is a five-year long research project focusing on the materialities of living nature and their economic valuation in the High-Tech Bioeconomy. The research group is composed of six doctoral and post-doctoral researchers who analyse how biophysical processes intersect with and are changing social relations pertaining to production, reproduction and politics. The research group will trace commodity networks, among others with a focus on the three cross-cutting topics sustainability, political participation and inequality. The research is guided by an analysis of political economy, political ecology, economics of care, feminist theory and critical geography.

Principal investigators
Hackfort, Sarah Dr. (Details) (Junior Research Groups)
Boyer, Miriam Dr. (Details) (Junior Research Groups)
Feindt, Peter H. Prof. Dr. (Details) (Agricultural and Food Policy)

Participating organisational units of HU Berlin

BMBF: BioÖkonomie 2030

Duration of project
Start date: 07/2019
End date: 07/2025

Research Areas
Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Sociology, Economics, Social Sciences

Research Areas
Agrarökonomie und -soziologie, Agrarpolitik, Agrarwissenschaften, Demokratie, Policy Analysis

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