Britain Transition

The conference, Britain in Transition, will provide a valuable opportunity for participants and attendees to examine the internal and external state of the UK, three years after its citizens voted in a referendum to leave the EU. It will discuss, scrutinise and map out the origins and trajectories of this period of radical transition, looking, in particular, at the prospects of transformative processes in the UK: What has been in the past? How and why are things changing so radically now? Where will these changes take us? In the light of current events, political and economic transformations will inevitably sit at the heart of the conference, but the social, cultural and historical dynamics that are intertwined with these transformations will also form a major part of the discussion.

Principal investigators
Guderjan, Marius Martin Dr. phil. (Details) (British Legal, Economic and Social Structures)
McIntosh, Sam Dr. (Details) (British Legal, Economic and Social Structures)

DFG: Sonstiges

Duration of project
Start date: 05/2019
End date: 05/2019

Research Areas
History, Humanities and Social Sciences, Political Science

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