CUBES Circle – Work Package 8: Innovation Diffusion

CUBES Circle work package 8 combines theories of innovation diffusion with novel virtual/mixed reality approaches in order to understand the determinants of the diffusion of flexible bio-based production systems for a range of potential applications and locations. For this purpose we have planned the following steps:

1. Analysis of the innovation ecosystems: Through an institutional and stakeholder analysis we (a) identify relevant formal and informal institutions at transnational, national, regional and local level, and (b) identify and characterize stakeholders, multipliers, and co-producers along the value chain and in the respective urban spaces with regard to attributes that are relevant for the innovation process. On this basis we identify the different requirements, aims and needs with regard to innovative food production systems as well as the ensuing diffusion barriers and catalysts. Lead: Peter H. Feindt (HU-Berlin).

2. User interaction in virtual/mixed reality approaches: Using grounded cognition and user experience theories we experimentally investigate the interactions between users and the CUBES systems. For this purpose, we develop virtual CUBES environments within which we conduct experiments (a) to analyse the perceptions and attitudes of future users; (b) to identify potential diffusion barriers and catalysts, including design aspects; (c) to test user interface designs with regard to the exterior design and information interactions; (d) to analyse spontaneous and emerging patterns of behaviour of CUBES users; (e) to evaluate the effectiveness of measures through interactive surveys, interviews and virtual/mixed reality user studies. Lead: Linda Onnasch (HU-Berlin) in cooperation with Lennart Büth (IWF).

3. Development of guidelines for the design, the governance framework and communication of CUBESCircle applications and iterative insertion of the results as basis for a reflexive design of the CUBES applications. Lead: Peter H. Feindt and Linda Onnasch (both HU-Berlin).

Principal investigators
Feindt, Peter H. Prof. Dr. (Details) (Agricultural and Food Policy)


Duration of project
Start date: 03/2019
End date: 06/2024

Research Areas
Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Sociology

Research Areas
Agrar- und Ernährungspolitik

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