ISAP Exchange Program between HU-Berlin and UN La Plata (Argentina)

The exchange program between HU Berlin and Universidad Nacional de La Plata is funded by the DAAD and gives the opportunity of a five-month stay at the partner university for groups of three German and three Argentinian students per academic year (German students go to La Plata from August to December, Argentinian students come to Berlin from March to July every year). The program is conceived for advanced MA students from Berlin and for students who have already finished the major part of their „licenciatura“ in Argentina. As a complement to the student exchange the DAAD also provides funding for an exchange of one academic teacher per year. The core of the program is a „seminario compartido“–a joint seminar for the whole exchange group, the first part of which takes place in La Plata and the second part in Berlin. The exchange program is a milestone on the way to a long-term cooperation between HU and UNLP in terms of student exchange, but also in terms of common research activities.

Principal investigators
Dünne, Jörg Prof. Dr. (Details) (Romance Literatures (Hispanic Literatures))

Participating organisational units of HU Berlin


Duration of project
Start date: 08/2019
End date: 07/2021

Research Areas
European and American Literature, General and Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

Research Areas

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