Towards Intensification of Conifer Production Through Multi-Varietal Forestry Based on Somatic Embryogenesis (MULTIFOREVER)

The project MULTIFOREVER intends to advance the system of somatic embryogenesis (SE) in conifers
towards multi-varietal forestry (MVF). The joined project combines scientists and breeders from seven
public and private institutes of five EU countries (FCBA, France; HUB, Germany; INRA, France; LUKE,
Finland; NEIKER, Spain; UPSC, Sweden) and Argentina (INTA). Expertise and SE-collections of several
economically important conifer species will be shared amongst partners (Pinus pinaster, P. taeda, P. elliottii
x P. caribaea var. Hondurensis, Pseudotsuga menziesii, Picea abies, Larix decidua, L. x eurolepis) to
maximise the project’s output. The main aim of the project is the establishment of a value-added chain and
a mutual strategy in order to use somatic trees in forestry at acceptable costs. The consortium holds the
potential to solve longstanding/persisting/existing problems in joint approaches and to test the process of
SE production as a pilot endeavour for practical and economic issues (planning, up-scale, marketing, public

Principal investigators
Zoglauer, Kurt Prof. Dr. sc. nat. (Details) (Botany and Arboretum)
Rupps, Andrea (Details) (Botany and Arboretum)

Bundesministerium für Verbraucherschutz, Ernährung und Landwirtschaft

Duration of project
Start date: 04/2019
End date: 10/2022

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