Closed Urban Modular Energy- and Resource-Efficient Agricultural Systems

Objective and innovation of the project is the smart connection of intensive agricultural production systems (CUBES) to a common system (CUBES Circle), using the example organisms fish, plants and insects, while aiming for a closed energy- and material cycle. Using the newest production technologies, a commercial off-the-shelf strategy, and coupling of the system with its environment as well as following a zero-waste approach. Consequently, an unrivaled resource- and energy efficiency is reached. At the same time, the productivity of healthy food is optimized. However, CUBES Circle advances this productivity further in terms of its environmental balance. Energy and material flows like exergy, water and feed will be gained from products, or residuals from the other respective production systems. Additionally, process exergy will be produced, that can be emitted to the environment for further use (e.g. industrial processes, urban infrastructure). Further, holistic models of nutrient fluxes will be developed, so that the production can be dynamically adapted to environmental conditions using smart regulation measures.

Principal investigators
Ulrichs, Christian Prof. Dr. rer. nat.; Dr. rer. agr. (Details) (Urban Plant Ecophysiology)
Schmidt, Uwe Prof. Dr. (Details) (Section Biological Systems Technology)
Werthmann, Christine (Details) (Urban Plant Ecophysiology)

Further project members
Blievernicht, Armin (Details) (Urban Plant Ecophysiology)


Duration of project
Start date: 03/2019
End date: 06/2024

Research Areas
Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine

Research Areas

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