TP: Finanzinnovationsrisiken bei der Erneuerung städtischer Wasserinfrastrukturen

Many European cities are facing the challenges of massively overhauling their urban water infrastructures. This is due to both the requirements of the European Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD), and the fact that most of their main water infrastructures were installed in the 19th century and now have an outdated structure (exacerbated by climate change, especially in coastal locations). We will focus on the specific role and risks of financial R&I in these city investments, and conduct a case study involving two cities (London, Milan).

Mieg, Harald Prof. Dr. (Details) (Honorar- und außerplanm. Profess. / Privatdoz. / Lehrbeauftragte)

Beteiligte Organisationseinheiten der HU

Projektstart: 01/2019
Projektende: 12/2021

Städtebau/Stadtentwicklung, Raumplanung, Verkehrs- und Infrastrukturplanung, Landschaftsplanung

Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung

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