EXC 2002/1: Knowledge-Augmented Face Perception (TP 08)

Face perception and categorisation is fundamental to social interactions. In humans, input from facial features is integrated with top-down influences from other cognitive domains, such as expectations, memories and contextual knowledge. In contrast to human perception, automatic systems of face processing are typically based purely on bottom-up information without considering factors as prior knowledge. The aim of this project is therefore to bridge the gap between human and synthetic face processing by integrating top-down components typical for human perception into synthetic systems. The results of experiments involving human subjects in combination with video recordings will be used in deep learning training procedures aiming at the development of computational models.

Abdel Rahman, Rasha Prof. Dr. rer. nat. (Details) (Neurokognitive Psychologie)

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Projektstart: 10/2019
Projektende: 09/2022

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Kognitive Neurowissenschaft, Psychologie

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