EXC 2002/1: From Understanding Learners’ Adaptive Motivation and Emotion to Designing Social Learning Companions (TP 06)

In this threefold project, we will firstly examine how novel user modelling approaches and feedback strategies in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) incorporating virtual agents can enhance positive emotions and motivation (self-regulation, goal orientations) and reduce negative emotions in social learning situations and how these approaches can be used to prevent inequalities in education.
We will also be exploring the (moderating and mediating) processes that underlie the relations between pedagogical agents’ ‘behaviours’ and learners’ performance by investigating psychological factors that strengthen or reduce the effects of ITS on learners’ motivation and emotions.
As a third and final objective, we intend to create a robotic learning companion that keeps an updated model/simulation of the learner and their current knowledge, motivational and emotional state, which is acting accordingly.

Hafner, Verena Prof. Dr. (Details) (Adaptive Systeme)
Pinkwart, Niels Prof. Dr. (Details) (Informatik und Gesellschaft und Didaktik der Informatik)

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Projektstart: 10/2019
Projektende: 09/2022

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