Development and Introduction of Biotechnological Processes for Breeding, Production and Use of Highperformance Varieties of Selected Tree Species – Sub-Project 1: Development of Biotechnological Processes (In Vitro Propagation and Conservation)

The overall objective is to develop a process chain suitable for practical application for clonal mass
propagation of high-performance varieties of the selected tree species (hybrid larch, Douglas fir, fir hybrids).
The relevant biotechnological process steps are available and should be optimized with regard to their
economic efficiency. Extensive field tests serve to select elite clones that are eligible for approval for clone
mixtures of the respective species. In the case of hybrid larch, the aim is to put the developed process into
practice in a tree nursery company. In order to expand the spectrum of tree species, a clone collection of
selected fir hybrids of forestry interest is to be established, just as for hybrid larch and Douglas fir. Subproject
1 focuses on the optimisation of in vitro process steps and the provision of clonal plant material.
Furthermore, the investigations on the suitability of molecular biological strategies for the rejuvenation of
adult material will be further investigated and completed.

Principal Investigators
Zoglauer, Kurt Prof. Dr. sc. nat. (Details) (Botany and Arboretum)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2019
End date: 04/2021

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