Improving the effectiveness and practicability of the CAP from an environmental perspective (WuP-GAP)

Improving the environmental performance of the CAP is a complex policy design task due to the multitude of goals and instruments. The aim of the WuP-GAP project is therefore to synthesize the scientific evaluations of existing CAP instruments, to analyze the positions of the various relevant groups, and to stimulate discussion with agricultural policy stakeholders, based on possible scenarios for an environmentally ambitious implementation of the EU Commission’s legislative proposals for the CAP post-2020. In this way, the project aims to create novel impulses for the CAP after 2020. The scenarios include a) an ambitious implementation of the “green architecture” of the CAP, b) a focus on cooperation and networks in rural areas, and c) an ecological modernization of the agricultural sector by promoting innovation and investment. Three stakeholder workshops and a final conference aim to validate and distribute the findings and conclusions from the project.

The compilation of the scientific evaluations of existing CAP instruments and the various proposals for the CAP after 2020 is based on a systematic literature review. The positions of agricultural policy stakeholders are analyzed using various methods of empirical social research: a standardized telephone survey, guideline-based expert interviews and group interviews.

The synthesis of the scientific evaluations of the CAP instruments shows that the existing policy mix in the CAP is hardly suited to improve the negative environmental effects of agriculture. However, most policy proposals about the CAP after 2020 suggest the maintenance or modification of the established instruments. The positions of the various agricultural policy stakeholders towards the existing CAP and its future design differ widely. Reactions towards the elements of the scenarios show clear differences also within the group of farmers. Differentiated strategies are therefore necessary for the policy design of the future CAP in order to improve the environmental performance of the CAP in a practical way.

Principal investigators
Feindt, Peter H. Prof. Dr. (Details) (Agricultural and Food Policy)

Duration of project
Start date: 11/2018
End date: 08/2020

Research Areas
Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Sociology

Research Areas
Agrar- und Ernährungspolitik

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