EXC 314/1: The Activation of Small Molecules With Cofacial Heterodinuclear Metal Catalysts of the Pacman Type

In this project, we will synthesize hetero-dinuclear metal compounds that can be used in the activation of O2 and CO2 under homogeneous as well as heterogeneous conditions. Various immobilization methods will be tested. The influence of the type of metal ions used, the type of backbone, the immobilization technique used and the choice of reaction conditions on the activity as well as product selectivity will be tested. Mechanistic studies will be carried out applying a multitude of spectroscopic techniques either in solution or on electrode surfaces to elucidate the reaction pathway and possible reaction intermediates.

Principal investigators
Schwalbe, Matthias (Details) (Inorganic and General Chemistry I)

DFG Excellence Strategy: Cluster

Duration of project
Start date: 01/2019
End date: 03/2022

Related umbrella project

Research Areas
Analytical Chemistry

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