Evaluation of the humus- and nutrient-fertilizer value of organic residues

In this project, the humus and nutrient effects of organic residues with special fermentation residues from biogas production can be determined. For this purpose, methods for determining the effect of nutrients and humus will be standardized in coordination with the VDLUFA and primary data on chemical and biochemical properties and on humus reproduction and nutrient effects of residues under controlled conditions in incubation and vascular experiments and in field trials shall be collected. Furthermore, models will be used to determine the influence of different site conditions on the humus turnover and the humus-related nitrogen and phosphorus turnover in soil can be quantified. On the basis of the primary data and in coordination with the VDLUFA, the results of the modelling should provide a quantitative evaluation of the humus and nutrient effect. This evaluation should be used in agricultural practice to improve fertilisation advice and increase nutrient efficiency and also serves to inform political decision-makers.

Principal Investigators
Engels, Christoph Prof. Dr. (Details) (Plant Nutrition)

Duration of Project
Start date: 02/2019
End date: 01/2022

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