Bordering boundaries

Borders studies is a field of academic enquiry that defies strict disciplinary borders and as such enriches our knowledge of social phenomena exactly by means of cross-disciplinary fertilization. This research proposal therefore is based on advancements in several related and interlinked academic disciplines that contribute to the border studies body of knowledge. Besides proposing serious interdisciplinary synthesis it also suggest overcoming of the regional limitations. Even more, it pushes the scope of border studies away from physical borders of nation-states towards urban settlements not necessarily located at the borders or in border regions. The third main component of this wide approach is thematic inclusion of heritage politics as it is a strong indicator of exclusive/inclusive orientation of symbolic landscaping.
The case study of the notorious project “Skopje 2014”, the imposition of nationalist symbolic landscape in the capital of Republic of Macedonia will be extensively analysed in order to illustrate the usefulness of such combined disciplinary approach. We aim at demonstrating the benefits of expanding disciplinary boundaries through critical engagement of the conceptual toolbox developed in border studies in particular, but drawing from urban and heritage studies as equally important areas. This exploration of spatiality of identity politics will emphasise attentiveness to analysis of spatial practices as true indicator of spatial politics in everyday life.
With the guest visit in Berlin we intend to develop common international research projects and to strengthen a European network for border studies. Additionally, we will try to interlock the existing “Competence Centre for Humanities in the Western Balkans” (CoLAB financed by DAAD/ERASMUS+ international) and the recently founded Interdisciplinary Center “Crossing Borders” at Humboldt University with a leading expert on urban anthropology in the Balkans, since Macedonia is one of the core research interests of the Chair for South Slavic Studies in Berlin.

Voß, Christian Prof. Dr. (Details) (South Slavic Languages and Cultures)

participating organizational facilities of the HU
Crossing Borders (OKZ: 8824)

Duration of Project
Start date: 11/2018
End date: 10/2019

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