Evidence-based Implementation of Research-based Learning (EviG-FL)

Based on our findings in the joint research project "ForschenLernen" (Learning to/through Research, BMBF grant 01PB14004/B), this transfer project consists of two core measures 1) the development of a Clearing House for empirical evidences and findings regarding the effects and implementation of research-based learning measures in higher education and research training, 2) the collaborative development (with our project partners and the wider FL-Community in Germany) of a series of training modules and materials aimed at preparing higher education staff for teaching in the mode of research-based learning.

Principal investigators
Deicke, Wolfgang (Details) (bologna.lab)

Participating organisational units of HU Berlin
bologna.lab (OKZ: 021811)


Duration of project
Start date: 10/2018
End date: 09/2020

Research Areas
General and Domain-Specific Teaching and Learning

Research Areas
Hochschuldidaktik, Hochschulforschung

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