CowData (Farm Data Integration – Key to Cattle Management Success)

The aim of this project is to demonstrate the advantages of a generic data platform. By means of case studies,
we will showcase how existing sensor prototypes can be combined with additional on farm (sensor) data, to
build new applications and improve decision support systems.

Principal Investigators
Hillmann, Edna Prof. Dr. (Details) (Animal Husbandry)

participating organizational facilities of the HU
Animal Husbandry (OKZ: 211141)

Duration of Project
Start date: 09/2018
End date: 08/2021

Research Areas
Animal Husbandry, Breeding and Hygiene, Animal Nutrition and Nutrition Physiology, Operating, Communication, Database and Distributed Systems

Research Areas
Animal Husbandry, animal welfare, precision livestock farming, Tierwohl

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