3D Body Analytics

Every year, back pain for around 20 million people in Germany is a reason for a visit to a doctor. The causes of back pain are often due to postural defects. Thus, postural analysis is one of the everyday tasks in over 40,000 medical practices and nearly 4,000 orthopaedic and physiotherapeutic clinics in Germany. The results of the posture analysis form the basis for an efficient treatment. A holistic posture analysis requires a high level of qualification of the therapist or the doctor and is relatively time consuming.
The project consists of the development of a 3D scanning system for a fast, precise and extensive posture analysis. For this purpose, a compact and very easy-to-use 3D whole-body scanner is being developed. With this system, a 3D model of the patient (digital twin) is created in just under 30 seconds. The scan method is based on a stereo approach and is therefore completely harmless to health. Subsequently, all parameters relevant to the posture analysis are determined by means of an evaluation module and output in the form of a report. The results in the report are clearly presented on the patient's personal 3D model. The repeated 3D scanning of a patient over a longer period of time allows a precise and objective before-after comparison.

Reulke, Ralf Prof. Dr. (Details) (Computer Vision)

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie

Duration of project
Start date: 09/2018
End date: 08/2019

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