Sustainable Food PLATEFORMS: Enabling sustainable food practices through socio-technical innovation

PLATEFORMS aims to produce in-depth knowledge on how food practices are affected by socio-technical innovations in food provisioning platforms, and communicate success stories of sustainability to platform owners and policy makers. The project includes both business-driven platforms (e.g supermarkets, online stores) and consumer-driven platforms (e.g. food cooperatives).
Methodologically and theoretically, the project is positioned between individualistic and systemic approaches – whereas the first is focusing on changing individual consumer behaviour, and the second is ignoring consumers in favour of other actors and more “macro” solutions. More specifically, this project takes a socio-technical practice approach, seeing consumption in all its phases of planning, provisioning, storing, cooking, eating, and disposing – driven by practices more than by individual choices.
The project will promote sustainable food choices through involvement with platform owners, dissemination of academic results and communication of sustainable success stories across countries and platforms. The communication will target platforms owners, policy makers, and NGOs. By producing new in-depth knowledge about concrete strategies to enable sustainable food consumption through food provisioning platforms, the project will affect consumer practices and choices on a larger scale. Moreover, through intervention studies and collaboration with platform owners, it will be possible to quantify the effect of interventions.

Principal Investigators
Bauhardt, Christine Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (Gender and Globalisation, particularly with regard to Transformation Processes in Rural Area)

Duration of Project
Start date: 09/2018
End date: 10/2021

Research Areas
Ernährung, Landwirtschaft, Geschlechterforschung, Nachhaltigkeit

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