Einstein Gastwissenschaftlerin - Junior Fellowship Pinar Yildiz

Forscherinnengruppe "Migration, Flucht und Diaspora"

Being an immigrant comprises both the experience of losing the sense of belonging to a homeland as well as carrying on the memory of what is left behind. Refugee narratives link the traumatic affect of the past to present times. Immigrant narratives are the history of as much homelessness and de-territorialisation as encounters beyond the borders. For this matter, immigrant memory is the register of immigration policies as well.

The aim of this research is to explore the complex ways in which immigrant women's memories are (re)constructed through gendered narratives in immigrant cinema. Feminist memory studies challenge the hegemonic masculine culture of memory by way of revealing women’s forgotten stories which otherwise might change other possible ways of a gendered understanding the past and our construction in the present. Briefly, feminist memory studies offer alternative ways of constructing the past. In this regard, the feminist approach brings light to the inter-subjective significance of context and positionality as well as the dynamic nature of “transcultural” and “multidirectional” memory.
The research project proposed here suggests an approach seeking to establish an immediate relationship between aesthetics and ethics in analysing how films construct the language of migrant memory through the use of certain stylistic strategies.

Setting out this perspective it seeks to answer the following questions: 1. How is migration represented in cinema in gendered ways? 2. How do the narratives of migration movies re-position the binary oppositions of host/guest, inside/outside? 3. How is the relationship between the “personal” and the “public/national” reconstructed in films dealing with migration?

Karakayali, Serhat Dr. (Details) (Berliner Institut für Integrations- und Migrationsfoschung)

Projektstart: 07/2018
Projektende: 12/2019

Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften, Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie, Außereuropäische Kulturen, Judaistik und Religionswissenschaft, Sozialwissenschaften

Gender Studies, Migration und Integration

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